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Bankruptcy and Debt Relief

At Noah R. Friend Law Firm, PLLC, our attorneys provide Kentucky residents and business owners with options to resolve their financial problems. In some cases, a difficult creditor, a foreclosure, repossession, or collection lawsuit can be resolved through negotiation. Other times, the best option is to seek relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Our firm has represented hundreds of individuals, families, and small businesses in the United States Bankruptcy Court. We have the experience to assist you in ending the harassment, garnishment, telephone calls and mailings that make debt so difficult to deal with. For business owners, we can help examine your situation to determine whether the business can be reorganized, and how to best protect the individual owner from problems associated with business debt.

Federal Criminal Defense

Our firm has extensive Federal Criminal Defense experience, including representing Defendants prior to indictment, and through trial. If you have been contacted in connection with a federal investigation or indictment, the faster you contact an attorney, the better.




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Areas of Practice

Chapter seven

Often known as the “fresh start” bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is the fastest and most common form of bankruptcy. It is best for consumers who have primarily unsecured debt, such as medical bills, credit card debt or personal loans. Contrary to popular belief, you can usually keep your home and vehicles in a Chapter 7.


Our firm has experience in appellate cases in the Kentucky Court of Appeals, Kentucky Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. If you need assistance in reviewing whether a case should be appealed, contact us immediately, as deadlines in appeals cases are often very short, and a missed deadline can often end your appeal before it begins.

Chapter eleven

Called a “reorganization” bankruptcy,  this chapter is for corporations and businesses that wish to continue operating. Instead of shuttering operations, businesses are allowed to maintain ownership and control of their assets while repaying their debts over three to five years. Some portion of the debt may be discharged, depending on income. In most cases, companies remain open and operating during Chapter 11 proceedings.

Preferential transfers

Often, in large bankruptcies, people who received payments from a company before it went bankrupt will receive demand letters or lawsuits from the Trustee or Creditor’s Committee, demanding repayment of money received prior to the company filing bankruptcy. YOU MAY HAVE DEFENSES which will protect you from paying back some or all of this money. Don’t try to negotiate these cases without assistance from an experienced attorney.

Chapter thirteen

Known as a “wage earners” bankruptcy, Chapter 13 requires consumers to meet a court-determined income-to-debt level, leaving enough disposable income to make payments to a court-appointed trustee for three to five years. The remaining amount is discharged, similar to a Chapter 7. It is best for those who have assets they want to retain, like expensive jewelry, or secured debts they want to get current on, like a mortgage.

Federal criminal defense

The faster we become involved, the more we can do to build an effective defense. Our attorneys have federal criminal trial experience, as well as experience working for the courts.


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